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Hi there! I’m April Bamburg.

I’m the human behind the keys at Writing Unfiltered.

I help established business owners to do more with a busy calendar or a ton of in-business work. I take your notes and turn them into ready-to-use blog content and podcast show notes, with the help of my ever-present coffee and Office Manager, Millie.

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My philosophy is this: Like antique typewriters, old farmhouses, traditional events (like Mardi Gras) and other items that are well-cared for, the written word isn’t going anywhere. Technology changes communication, but the old methods are always there. Writing may not be as trendy or sexy as podcasting or video right now, but the written word will never go away.

Those who hire Writing Unfiltered to create content can relax and not worry about whether (or how) their content is getting done, or how to cram content creation into an already crazy schedule. I give my clients breathing space and peace of mind so that they can move forward in their business.


You’re a frazzled business owner with a million things to do.

Leave content writing to me so you can work on the tasks you enjoy.


I can help you with:

  • Blogging

  • Podcast Transcription

  • Press Releases

  • Professional Bios

  • Newspaper and Magazine Content

  • LinkedIn Pulse Articles



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 These are the values that drive Writing Unfiltered:


Helping biz owners recapture their time and joy


Speaking out when necessary  (and accepting responsibility for that action)


Having fun!

My vision for Writing Unfiltered is a company where a business owner turns when they’re comfortable letting me create their content- AND they’re comfortable enough to speak their minds without the fear of judgment.

If you’re not there yet, I’d love to help you get there - I’m still working on getting there myself, so I know it’s a process.

Wander a bit around the website to learn about me, check out my blog content, or reach out to learn how we can create magic as we work together.

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