When I started Writing Unfiltered

…or what would become the business under that name, I knew I wanted to have more control over my work, and my schedule. I wanted more say in who was directing my work (ahem, me!), and a work environment where I didn’t feel like I was being judged.

It has expanded into something much more powerful than that.

Now, I aim to help overwhelmed business owners to create fantastic blog content and give them more time to do what they love.



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My business runs on these principles:


No judgments, ever.


Words are powerful. They must be respected and used carefully.


Your time is valuable. My time is valuable. Let’s not waste a moment.


When business owners come to me, they’re often a little overwhelmed by everything that goes into creating content regularly in addition to all the day-to-day pieces of running a business.

Some like writing and just don’t have the time; others feel like their writing isn’t worth sharing and their overwhelm comes at the idea of being so open and on display to the world through their words. Either is okay. I can work both ways.

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I'm April. I'm a content writer for business owners, and a freelance reporter. I'm also a little boy's crazy-about-him auntie, and a cuddly schnoodle's mom. I love to nurture and support people (and to feed them, in the right situations).

My business is Writing Unfiltered. Writing is what I do. Unfiltered is the type of life I aspire to have.

I’m a little different from most people I know, partly because I find research delightful. I love learning about new topics in order to write about them.

I strongly believe that using “what would people think?” and similar questions to filter one’s actions and words is a very bad idea.

I also believe that content that is well-researched and written with carefully chosen words can stand the rest of time, even if there are a few updates you might have to make.


Anyone you ask will tell you I drink too much coffee. They might also say I’m out of touch when it comes to pop culture. I definitely don’t jump into trendy topics until the buzz has died down. I like music people have never heard of, or is no longer popular. (Seriously. I just binge-watched Pretty Little Liars, The Fosters, and Parenthood this year. Don’t expect me to get into Game of Thrones.) But, I stick with what I like (New Kids on the Block will ALWAYS be on my playlist.)

 “I asked April to provide a series of fun, upbeat blog posts on various topics. Without skipping a beat, she got right to work and soared past my expectations. Researching each topic diligently, she often adds dialogue that I wouldn’t have considered on my own, which I very much appreciate.”

-Leilani Lowry, owner, The Wrap Nook


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Office Manager Millie:

I’m the fuzzball here at Writing Unfiltered. I keep the writer on her toes at all times, and I’m sure to guard our place from people on the stairs, food delivery people, individuals visiting our neighbors, and people with other fuzzballs outside below our house.

When I’m not barking at random humans or trying to convince the writer to take a break and play with me, I hold down the fort. And by that, I mean the futon, my own bed, or, occasionally, the writer herself when I get into a position that allows for snuggles - uh, I mean management - in close proximity.