3 things you should know about writing

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If you learn anything about writing, I hope it’s these things

To me, writing is easy. It’s something I can do without a lot of stress, and I love it. But, I know that for many people, that is not the case. That’s why I started Writing Unfiltered. Over the past six years, I’ve begun to see that my business isn’t just about writing, it’s also about helping people to see just how powerful writing and words can be. 

At Writing Unfiltered, I want my clients to have less stress. I want my clients to be able to do what they love and be less stressed while we work together. I want them to trust that if I’m creating original content for them, I’m choosing my words carefully and with intention.

If there are three specific things I want people to learn from me, these are those:

Writing doesn't have to be intimidating and stressful.

It can be a fun process. It can be relaxing. It's a great way to express yourself if you're not artistically inclined in another way. It's also a great way to spread your message to your audience, customers, and the rest of the world. If you can just let go of expectations and put pen to paper, sometimes the words flow freely. And, if you're not inclined to write to communicate, there are others who can help you so that you move on to the parts of your business that you truly love.

Writing doesn't have to be a time suck.

This is especially true if you outsource the task to someone who understands how to create the impact you're looking for. If you want to do the writing on your own, it can be accomplished in small chunks of time- 10-15 minutes at a time, or even shorter sessions where you're scribbling on a napkin. Eventually you'll have to settle in and connect the notes and scribbles in a cohesive order, but if you've had a specific topic and focus in mind during your scribble times, that may come to top of mind as you play connect the words and phrases. If you’re not really in the mood to do the research and writing on your own, you might want to consider hiring a professional writer to help you create fabulous content.

Writing is an amazing way to communicate and it will never disappear.

Nearly everyone learns to write - in its simplest form - early in school. The task gets more sophisticated as one ages and learns, but putting words on paper or on a screen for others to read still gets a point across. Video content is hot right now, webinars and classes too. But, as technology changes and people's infatuations change, Writing remains. Now it looks different than when the ancient Egyptians did it, in the future writing may be different than it is now. I'm willing to bet that words on pages and other surfaces will never go away. 

If you’re looking for a content writer, why not schedule a discovery call today? I’d love to learn about you, about your business and what you’re looking for!



April Bamburg, Content Writer


My business is Writing Unfiltered. Writing is what I do. Unfiltered is the type of life I aspire to have.

I’m a little different from most people I know, partly because I find research delightful. I love learning about new topics in order to write about them.

Anyone you ask will tell you I drink too much coffee. They might also say I’m out of touch when it comes to pop culture. I definitely don’t jump into trendy topics until the buzz has died down. I like music people have never heard of, or is no longer popular. (Seriously. I just binge-watched Pretty Little Liars, The Fosters, and Parenthood this year. Don’t expect me to get into Game of Thrones.) But, I stick with what I like (New Kids on the Block will ALWAYS be on my playlist.)

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