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What to do when content creation is a struggle

Content creation can be a tricky thing, particularly for someone who does a lot of writing on a daily basis.


Bear with me this will make sense.

Creating written content (or any content for that matter) is a huge use of mental energy. It’s fabulous when one is in a state of flow and the words are, well, flowing.  When the inspiration dries up, or life starts to get in the way, that’s when the whole process is infinitely harder. And if you push it, that can lead to dismal things.

What happens when you rush to write?

Many bloggers give themselves a set publishing schedule, and if the content creation becomes stressful, it’s easy to fall into a dangerous mindset that you have to throw something together to update the blog, just because of the arbitrary timeline you put into place.

This can lead to subpar content, pieces that a content creator may not be happy with, and content that doesn’t meet the objectives that a business owner sets for his or her business. Quality of content is important if it is to connect with readers and viewers. Rushing to put something out makes that quality drop, and lower quality can turn customers away.

Instead of rushing to put something out, at Writing Unfiltered, I truly believe that taking a break is a better option. I’ve done that, and I admit I haven’t done it exactly the right way, but when you come back, it does often make the writing process easier.

This is especially true if you’re using other avenues to communicate and interact with current and potential clients.

Quick and thrown together is not better than slow and complete to one’s satisfaction. Readers can tell when a writer’s not focused on the content, and you’ll notice a difference in engagement between content you took your time with and a piece that you slapped together to meet a random deadline. I know. I’ve seen it in my own content.

What to do if you struggle

  1.  Take a break.
    Leave the computer. Walk, dance. Stretch. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you let your brain have a break. Activity can help to get the blood pumping again and make it easier to think. Settling in and getting lost in a favorite book or movie can sometimes help to inspire too.

  2. Grab a snack.
    From personal experience, I’ve found that a small snack can sometimes kick the block. But, even when it can’t, it’s often enough of a change to shift my mind to something else.

  3. Free write.
    Struggling in front of a computer is stressful. Sometimes the act of putting a pen or pencil to paper is enough to get the words flowing again. That is a fabulous feeling.

  4. Revisit your content list.
    If you’ve created a content master list, a block is a good time to revisit that list. This is especially true if you’re stubborn like me and you struggle with fully letting go and relaxing. Look through your list and pick a topic that speaks to you. Then, go back to #3.

Once you have content, it’s important to go back to it – read for clarity, completeness, and to get rid of typos and errors.  I try to let my content sit for at least a day, or ask someone with fresh eyes to take a look. That really does seem to help.

What are your favorite ways to work through content creation struggles?



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