Connect with clients and customers by using your words carefully

If you’ve been following me for long, or you’ve seen my social media posts over the last six years, you’ve probably notice that I talk a lot about the power of words, and how they not only change situations, they can change lives. They can also cement your reputation in the eyes of a potential client.

That thinking about the power of words hasn’t stopped lately, but reading news of recent events has me thinking more about how important it is to be careful with our words. Making careful choices about the words we use can make all the difference in the messages people receive from us.

So, this week, I’m thinking more about why it’s important to take care when choosing your words as you type up another blog post or social media response, rather than reacting off-the-cuff.

I’m taking about how it’s easy to misrepresent something, even unintentionally, because sometimes meanings aren’t clear.

4 reasons to take care with your words

To gain a bit more clarity and avoid that problem, one step I fully believe in is to take time to shape your writing, to make sure you’ve chosen words carefully and are using words that mean exactly what you’re trying to convey.

  1. Your message will be stronger.
    When you take the time to seriously think about your message and the right words to convey that information, you often end up with a piece that is more focused and has greater impact. That makes it easier for your readers to form their own opinion. It also makes it easier for you to form connections with your audience.

  2. Your message will be clearer.
    Taking the time to make sure you’ve chosen the words that feel strongest for you, no matter what the topic is, helps to clarify and solidify your position. That means it’s easier for audience members to understand, and decide how they feel about it.

  3. You may feel more confident in your messaging.
    This one may sound strange, but it’s one I’ve felt myself. When I’m worried about what to write, when I’m throwing something together and hurrying, you can bet I’m probably going to dislike the end result. And people can tell when a business throws something up on a blog just to fit a publication schedule.

  4. Your ideal client will recognize that you understand what they are going through.
    When you’ve taken time to plan out your message and you’ve paid attention to the words you use, it shows. It takes time to craft a message that your ideal client resonates with sometimes, but when you use words you know they use, and you’re careful about the words you use, they’ll notice. It helps to build connections.    

This post was inspired by a meme with Gandalf the Grey musing about the meaning of “Good morning.”

He asked: “What do you mean? Do you mean to wish me a good morning? Or mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not; or that you feel good this morning; or that it is a morning to be good on?”

I’d love to hear your process!  How do you ensure your content conveys the meaning you intended?

April Bamburg