How writing is like baking

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How writing is like baking…

This week, my theme combines two of my favorite activities: baking and writing. Welcome to “How writing is like baking.” These topics seem very different, but in reality, both topics take a lot of inspiration, energy, and time. That’s why some people farm out both topics - buying yummy treats from a favorite bakery, or hiring a content writer who understands them. At Writing Unfiltered, I operate under the belief that both are incredibly worth the inspiration, energy, and time that is typically required to complete both activities.

So let’s jump into this week’s blog!

Step 1: Choose a recipe or a topic

There are several steps to these processes, and both start with a decision: in baking, you decide on a recipe. In writing, you decide on a topic.

I’ve been attempting to bake for a personal project for the last week or two, and I have writing to do for the biz, so it just worked out that I’m putting them together.

Step 2: Gather ingredients and information

Once you know what you’re baking, or writing, it’s time to gather what you need. In baking, that’s the ingredients (this week, that means a ton of butter, sugar, flour, eggs, salt, etc.).

In writing, that means it is research time. This is a step I love as much as I love the prep stage in baking. This is when google and books and questions to your audience come into play. It’s easy to fall into a research rabbit hole and lose an incredible amount of time, but if you stick to a time limit, that can be helpful. I find that those rabbit hole trips tend to get me excited about what I’m writing and gives me more to research or write about. Once you’ve answered all the questions you’re focusing on for your topic, it’s time to move on to step 3.

Step 3: Mix your ingredients/start to connect your research and your topic

In baking, this is when you combine the butter, sugar, eggs, salt, and baking powder. Put the butter in the bowl. Turn on the mixer and run until it’s smooth and creamy, then add the sugar and eggs. Repeat with all of your ingredients. Finally, put the dough in the refrigerator to rest.

In writing, this is when you go over the notes and start writing. Piece these points together in a draft. String your words together, let the sentences come together. This is where the magic happens! But, if you’re struggling here, maybe it’s time to take a break. If you’re struggling, this next step is important.

Step 4: Prepare and bake the cookies/Let your draft sit

Once your dough is chilled and solid, it’s time to pull it out of the fridge and start rolling out/cutting cookies, then baking them. This can be a labor intensive step, but if you put on some music and have fun with it, you may not notice. Make sure the oven is the appropriate temp, put in a pan of cookies and set a timer, then prep another pan of cookies.

In my own writing, this step can be frustrating, because I love writing, and it’s essential to wait when I struggle. I’ve learned that I wait and come back later, it allows me to come back to the piece with fresh eyes and more energy later. I hope you discover this too.

Step 5: Decorate the cookies/Make changes to your draft

This step isn’t always necessary. Maybe you’re working with a fabulous recipe that doesn’t need adornment. Those are awesome. But, maybe you want to add a little flair- frosting and candy decorations can do just that!

After you’ve let your draft sit and you’ve come back to it with fresh eyes, you don’t want to make changes, this is when you give it a read through for errors and fix those. If you want to rewrite and tweak, this is when you do it.

Step 6: Your creations are meant to be shared

This is the step all your hard work has led up to! Now you get to share those cookies and that beautiful piece of writing!

You’ve worked hard to shape those ingredients (in the case of the cookies), or those words (in the case of the writing) into something you could be proud of. Pack up the yummy sugar cookies and give them to friends and family (sneaking a few for yourself!). Load that content into your blog, create art for it, then hit publish. Go find cookies (or another treat), sit back and relax! You’ve worked hard, and you deserve it, no matter whether you were baking or writing fabulous content.

If the sheer amount of work to create new content is something you don’t have time for, I’d love to help you gain more time by taking it off your plate. Drop me a note in the comments, or schedule a discovery call so we can chat about your project and the magick we can make together!




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