The trap of overthinking

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Does overthinking affect your content?

I may be making an overly broad statement here, but I’m going to do it anyway.

I’d bet that for more content writers (and business owners) than just myself it’s probably pretty easy to fall into the overthinking trap. It’s something I do without realizing, and then I have to pull myself out of the pit. I know this, and the awareness of that tendency can help me to avoid it some days, if I’m careful.

Starting in February of this year, I worked with a coach to put my brand together - from the kinds of content I could put out, what I could say in stories, and the visual aspects.

And we came to a realization: overthinking is my jam.

But I’ve also realize that overthinking is the enemy to consistent content creation, at least for me. I love the times when I’m in flow and the words just come out, because I don’t have the mental bandwidth at that point to let the overthinking start.

That’s a larger topic that I’d love business owners to think about, and to hear your thoughts on:

  • When you settle in to create blog content, what stops you?

  • Is it a little voice in your head that says your writing stinks? (It doesn’t. Maybe it could use a polish or a new set of eyes to see it in a new way).

  • Is it overthinking possible reactions to your content? (Been there, done that. An enamel pin that says “I overthink basically EVERYTHING” would be accurate.)

  • Is it dwelling on your message and putting too much thought into word choice? (It is possible, but that’s a topic for another blog post/message.)

  • Or does your mind just go blank and you can’t figure out what you want to say?

These are all things that a content writer can help you to avoid. If you’re looking to get rid of the issues that come with overthinking and coming up with new content a struggle, please, schedule a discovery call or send me an email.

You don’t have to struggle with overthinking and have it affect your content. Writing Unfiltered is here for you.




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