What can a content writer do for you?

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What can a content writer do for you?

Content writers do exactly what the not-so-sexy name implies: they write. 

But they create content that you can use to reach a wider audience or build connections with your current and potential customers. 

 Blog posts and website copy are just a few of the types of things that a content writer creates. Chances are, they might be flexible and able to do other work if necessary too.

Five things a content writer can do for your business

1. A content writer creates original content.

This is perhaps the most obvious of the things that a content writer can do. Original content is a big deal on the Internet. It can cause huge issues if you don't have original content. Search engines ding you, you reach fewer people, and you look bad. A content writer can conduct research, then combine what they've learned and your business' perspective with their own expertise to create content that stands out from everything else online. It may seem like everything’s been done, but a content writer has the time and focus to create something and put your spin on it so that it stands out.

2. They can provide a fresh perspective on your industry.

 Because they're not as invested in your industry as you are, they see things differently. They may find opportunities for content in things you otherwise wouldn't notice.

3. They work quickly and provide content on schedule.

Because writing is their zone of genius, content writers can often put out blog posts or other information products more quickly than you might. It's a lot less time consuming to put out blog posts when writing is something you enjoy and are comfortable with.

4. They can create relatable content.

A professional writer knows how to make their content easy to understand. They learn about your business, your audience, your goals, and get to work. They easily create content that your audience/customers/clients can relate to.

5. They give you more time.

Perhaps the biggest benefit to hiring a content writer is that they give you more time, because you've delegated the writing and have fewer things to do. They take your content brief and hit the ground running. They'll return a piece of content that you can upload and move on. 

What's holding you back from hiring a professional content writer? 

If you need an extra brain in your biz and more time to do what needs to be done, Writing Unfiltered can help. Book a free discovery call with me here to start the process! 



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