Writing Unfiltered's Origin Story

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What is Writing Unfiltered?

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, writing is the act of forming visible letters or characters; unfiltered means lacking a filter. I'm a writer. I write like some people breathe. I can sometimes lack a filter as well, but not entirely when it comes to business matters.

Writing Unfiltered is all about helping you communicate with your target audience in a way that's true to your brand. This business is the result of years of experience asking people to submit pieces for publication and finding out just how intimidated people can be by the task of writing. This business is the result of hearing many people say they didn't have time to write short pieces for publication. I want nothing more than to help you create authentic connections with customers and clients using custom blog content.

The person behind the brand

I discovered my love of writing before I even started high school. A few years later, journalism became my passion. Throughout high school, that passion thrived, and I studied journalism in college. Fast forward to 2005: my first newspaper job. It lasted nearly four full years.

In 2009, I dipped my toe into writing for the web, sort of. I ran the Columbia County Buzz Examiner, a website covering the happenings of the county I lived in. That website is no longer in operation. It helped me to find a job in another newspaper, and a few years later, I made another change, leaving the full-time newspaper world behind to jump into writing for the web full time, and out of my comfort zone a bit. I admit it, I did everything they tell you not to - found content mills to write for, dove into writing as a business without a plan.

Over time, I've found clients who want web copywriting, others who want journalistic pieces, and those fit into two different areas, both of which I actively pursue. But, finding that sweet spot, the purpose behind my work, and figuring out who my ideal clients were, well that took a bit of time, and a lot of soul searching and aha moments while working with various clients or working with a kickass brand consultant who has also made my website absolutely gorgeous.

As a newspaper reporter, I had to approach people about writing short pieces for publications, and let me tell you, it's difficult to hear when people say they would love to put something together, but that they’re not good at writing, they don’t have time, or that writing intimidates them.

After hours of phone calls that ended that way, one day I realized the reason behind Writing Unfiltered.

I want to do the writing that others are intimidated by and make their lives easier. I want to help business owners to communicate with their clients and audience,  without intimidation or worry. And I want to help them expand their reach, without having to take up too much of their time.

The aha! moment that revealed most of that came 18 months into my business. I was still working without a name for my business, and I’d discovered that there was Another April Bamburg who wrote for various publications. That was a problem. So, through a long and frustrating  brainstorming process that included scribbled phrases and time with a thesaurus, and lots of Googling, I settled on Writing Unfiltered.

I started to look specifically for  clients who needed business content writing services, including blog content and website content. In late August 2016, with my initial branding process finally complete, it was time to jump out of my comfort zone again. WritingUnfiltered was live.  

Three years later, I’ve rebranded, re-focused on clients I want to work with - I don’t take on every client that comes my way anymore, and I trust my intuition more. The next step is getting “Copy in the Raw” out to my email list more consistently. I’ve also expanded my service offerings from blog content and web content to include professional biographies, podcast show notes and more.

At least every other week, I send out "Copy in the Raw" to those who join my email list. I offer tips for copywriting, discussion of blog posts and web content for business owners. Subscribers learn of company news before anyone else. And,

If you're interested in learning more about what I do and how I can help your organization, visit WritingUnfiltered.com and drop me a note, sign up for Copy in the Raw. I can't wait to work with you!



April Bamburg, Content Writer


My business is Writing Unfiltered. Writing is what I do. Unfiltered is the type of life I aspire to have.

I’m a little different from most people I know, partly because I find research delightful. I love learning about new topics in order to write about them.

Anyone you ask will tell you I drink too much coffee. They might also say I’m out of touch when it comes to pop culture. I definitely don’t jump into trendy topics until the buzz has died down. I like music people have never heard of, or is no longer popular. (Seriously. I just binge-watched Pretty Little Liars, The Fosters, and Parenthood this year. Don’t expect me to get into Game of Thrones.) But, I stick with what I like (New Kids on the Block will ALWAYS be on my playlist.)

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