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Writing can be a massive time and energy drain – am I right?

There are a ton of different things that go into running a business (whether that’s a product-based business or service-based). Product design or service creation, responding to requests and questions, content creation, outreach to potential customers and clients, bookkeeping and other tasks I haven’t even thought of yet.

It’s easy for blog and other content creation tasks to fall by the wayside or get buried in the shuffle of daily work and life.

It’s all a bit overwhelming. But, it doesn’t have to be.


How would it feel to hand content creation  tasks to someone who lives for writing, and to move on to something in your biz that lights you up and gets you excited?

That’s where I come in!

When you choose Writing Unfiltered for your content creation needs, you’re not just getting a content writer who focuses on word counts.

You’re gaining a partner in content creation who believes in relationships and in the power of words.

My process:


Step 1: Let’s Chat!

We start with a 20-minute (longer if necessary) phone call to ensure that we’re the right match. If we are, I’ll send over a contract and an invoice for the deposit due. I also ask for any and all background material, research, keywords. I believe that every business has a voice, and every business owner should be heard. Your personality sells, and that’s why you’ll recognize your words in what you get back.


Step 2: Get down to work!

Next, I send your content back to with an invoice. I offer a single revision to any piece that you purchase from me (whether you’re buying just a single blog post or you commit to a package).

If you’re interested in an in-depth explanation of how I work and why I do things, click the button below to schedule a call, or send me a DM on Facebook.

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Blog posts, available in two ranges:

750 words:

4 posts: $ 210
8 posts: $ 367.50

1000 words:

4 posts: $280
8 posts: $490




A La Carte Items:

Website content:

$100 per page

Podcast show note creation:

$25 per hour, 3 hour minimum.

Single blog post:

$.12 per word.
(i.e. $90 for 750, $120 for 1,000 words, and $180 for 1,500)

All prices include search engine optimization, keyword research and a single revision. Further revision is charged at a rate of $20 per hour, with a one-hour minimum

At the time of contract signing, a 50% non-refundable deposit is due to hold space in my calendar. Contracts for service offers are valid for 3 business days after initial consult call unless arrangements are made.

“Working with April has allowed me to give my podcast show notes a more human touch. April is able to capture my voice and pull the key parts from my episodes. This has allowed me to use my notes in multiple ways and provide additional value to my families. In addition, working with April has taken the stress of one piece of my podcast creation off my plate, allowing me to focus on working with my students and being with my family!”

Marni Pasch, owner of Team Pasch Academic Coaching


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My services are geared toward established business owners who feel like they’re not getting things off their to-do list fast enough, or who don’t enjoy the writing process, but still want blog content, web content, or show notes for their podcasts.

I love to write, I love to do research, and most of all, I love helping overwhelmed business owners find more time to breathe and do what they love.  

I don’t usually work with new business owners who haven’t quite figured out exactly what they want people to know, or who they’re working with, because I’ve found that leads to confusion on both sides, but once you know those things, I’m your writer!

If you’re interested in outsourcing your writing tasks but you’re concerned the finished copy not sounding like you, that’s something I’d love to talk about, in a free discovery call. You can book that here.

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I'm April. I'm a content writer for business owners, and a freelance reporter. I write a lot, and I love to conduct research to learn about new topics before I write about them. I love learning about new topics in order to write about them.

I want my clients to be happy with their content, and I know that at the start of a relationship, there will be some back and forth. I expect that, and I rather enjoy it, because it lets me get to know you better. I also believe that content that is well-researched and written with carefully chosen words can stand the rest of time, even if there are a few updates you might have to make.

I look forward to talking with you and coming up with a plan to create content and make some magic for your business!